Twitter Continues to Surprise, Even Its Founders

By Samantha Karol
Marketing Assistant, CPX Interactive

Twitter has become such a phenomenon that even its founders are surprised by how it continues to evolve. Last month, in a TED conference speech, Evan Williams, co-founder of Twitter, spoke about just how much Twitter has developed beyond its original purpose. Twitter users still answer the original question, “What are you doing?” but they also tweet during real-time events that range from natural disasters, to gas shortages, to Williams’ speech at TED. The founders never expected that their users would include the many businesses, like CPX Interactive, who now have company Twitter streams. Originally, they expected friends to connect to friends, but they did not imagine that Twitter would also become a popular marketing tool for companies. Williams divulges some key Twitter tips, like using the search feature and updating your Facebook status via Twitter. He won’t even begin to predict where Twitter will go in the future, but he is certainly happy with how far it has come so far. Watch Williams’ entire speech here.

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Sam is the Marketing Assistant at CPX Interactive, and resident social media "expert."
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