CPX Finds Value in iMedia Connection Summits

CPX Interactive has been attending iMedia Connection Brand and Agency Summits for a number of years. Stephen Shearin, VP of Sales, Agency Division at CPX, reflects on the value derived from these events:

“CPX attends iMedia summits at least four times a year. The value in attending is layered on many levels, and goes WAY beyond the great locations, meals, and drink receptions…although they’re pretty great. On an individual level, most of the major players send their leaders, so the personal networking environment is much richer than it might be at a local event. To that end, the general conversation at iMedia summits can be as informative and instructive as the speakers and breakout sessions themselves. From a more holistic perspective, being represented there, personally and in the form of a sponsorship, is one of the most direct ways to come to the forefront of the market leaders represented at any iMedia.”

Next week, Shearin and other members of the CPX team will travel to Scottsdale, Arizona for the iMedia Agency Summit. The event takes place December 6-9, and will be guest hosted by Jim Spanfeller,  former President and CEO of Forbes.com. CPX will be sponsoring lunch on Tuesday the 8th.

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