Meet Alex Andreyev, CPX Interactive Account Manager

Meet Alex Andreyev, Account Manager with the Brand Sales team at CPX Interactive, and find out what sparked his interest in business when he was just a teenager.

1. Who are you and what do you do here at CPX Interactive?

My name is Alex, and I am East Coast Brand Sales Account Manager.

2. You started in a different role here. How did you make the transition to Account Manager?

I began working as a business analyst, but wasn’t finding enough opportunities to utilize my time and my skills, so I worked with Rob (Rasko, COO & President) to find a better role for me in the company.

3. What did you do prior to coming to CPX?

After graduating college, I worked a variety of jobs. From running a soup store in Midtown, to managing a wholesale bridal business, to selling Christmas trees.

4. What is your favorite thing about working here?

CPX is a great company in a vibrant market where I can make a difference. However, the people are the best thing about CPX.

5. You’ve referred to yourself as a “serial entrepreneur.” What originally sparked this interest in business?

My parents both had/have their own businesses, so partially, it’s in my blood. After reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad with my best friend at 15, we decided that we would be business partners. By 18, we had tried a few small business ventures, and hit it big with Christmas trees. I’ve also managed an ice cream store, a soup store, and helped out a few other small businesses.

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