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“Strategy is the new creative.” The idea may not be completely new, but it does seem to have taken on new meaning in this quickly evolving metric-driven industry.  And, while the truth may not be so extreme, it is clear that the agile online marketer will have to become more comfortable pushing her creative team and media vendors closer together if she wants to remain on the cutting edge of what is possible.

As the title of this post indicates, the CPX Interactive team has been thinking a good deal about this concept. We believe that there is a great opportunity to leverage the kind of hyper audience targeting that is becoming more and more common place and to use it to take brand development (and engagement) to an entirely new level. We have been thinking about this so much that we have decided to make it the topic of a series of workshops at industry events this Fall.

CPX moderated the first of these, “Strategy is the New Creative” workshops at September’s IAB MIXX event in New York City.  The next two workshops come on back to back days in November on two different continents. (ad:tech NYC and IAB Milan).

More on all of this in the coming days and weeks…but we definitely wanted to take a moment and thank our panelists (and attendees) from the MIXX panel. Below is the description of the panel topic and a list of our panelists. Thanks to all for making it such a success.

IAB MIXX – September 27, 2010

Workshop 3
Room 510, 5th floor

Strategy Is the New Creative

It is often argued that the interactive space, with its focus on measurement and metrics, has tilted the advertising scales toward “science” and away from “art.” There is, however, another way to see the current evolution of the landscape. Rather than destroying the creative opportunity, the ability to define and target micro-audiences has opened up huge new opportunities in campaign strategy development. In fact, hyper-targeting has given birth to a new marriage of art and science where campaign strategy has become the new creative opportunity in advertising.

Moderator: Rob Rasko, Chief Operating Officer and President, CPX Interactive
Brian Chiger, Digital Strategist, Agencynet
Mike Seiman, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, CPX Interactive
Mary Stack, Vice President, Media Planning and Partnerships, Discovery Communications, LLC

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