CPX CEO, Mike Seiman, Featured On EntreRev.com

Mike Seiman, CEO and Founder of CPX Interactive discusses his entrepreneurial experiences in the recent article, “A False Mantra: Breaking the Start-Up Funding Mold” featured on EntreRev.com.

A self made entrepreneur who began a start-up business while still a college student and grew it into a global digital advertising company, Mike Seiman enjoys leveraging his perspective and past experiences to pass on words of advice to the next genration of movers and shakers. In an article written for EntreRev.com ( an advice and resource destination specifically for entrepreneurs) he explains why, for him, being a true entrepreneur has meant seeing venture capital as a means to an end, rather than an end, itself and why he believes his company is better for not having taken money during its early evolution.


“Since my company, on the other hand, has never sought funding, we are not obligated to anyone but ourselves.  If a new technology emerges that we find valuable, we embrace it.  If a new practice is developed, we create a new product around it.  If a division is no longer performing, we close it.  We can do these things without looking over our shoulder and wondering if these moves will pass muster with those looking to protect their investment.”

By staying true to the original vision Mike Seiman had early on, the company remains a steadily growing force with a success story that can only be attributed to a true form of entrepreneurialism.

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